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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LTE as an all IP architecture,endorsed by many leading vendors

LTE (Long term evolution) is the latest standard for mobile network technology, specifications are available in the 3GPP standard. LTE is also an all IP architecture supported by major vendors like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and more. Best part of the technology is that it also provides the inter-working for non 3GPP systems like 3GPP2 (CDMA)and WiFi, WiMax etc. Non 3GPP system are divided into trusted and non-trusted, based on that architecture will change. It is also called as 4G technology in mobile network industry. 3GPP release 8 and above specification talks about adapting to LTE. LTE started as a technology which support packet data network, later to support voice over the packet data network.
What is more fascinate about LTE?
- All IP Architecture
- Signaling and Data path separated out using MME and S-GW where PS Core and CS core is merged into single core network
- High data rates
- Decreased latency
- Better spectrum efficiency
- Scalable bandwidth
- Support for paired and unpaired spectrum
- Inter-working with 3GPP and non 3GPP systems

Below is reference architecture and inter-working with existing 3GPP systems (Reference 3GPP specifications:

Concerns operators shall have could be
- Cost effective evolution of IMS and LTE
- Spectrum efficiency
- Service quality
- Coverage performance

Target would be to address these concerns. However lot depends on the approaches that would be considered by operators for the architecture. Most of them probably consider overlay architecture and gradual transition.

If you have any questions please try to post the same. I would try to answer the same.

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