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Monday, April 25, 2011

Engineering mode/Field test mode in various mobiles using codes

LG Mobile:
Most of the LG Models have similar field test menu:
  1. Version
  2. Factory Reset
  3. Device Test
  4. Port Setting
  5. Modem Setting
  6. SIM Test
  7. IMS Setting
  8. IM Client ID
Engineering mode (field test mode) could be found under Modem Setting. Modem setting has various options including the Network mode, Engineering Mode, GPRS Attach and many more. In some of the LG Models if you want to get into Engineering mode directly using code *748#96


Model : LG CU720 (LG Shine), LG CU575, LG CU500, LG CU400 (many other models)
Code : 3845#*360#
Model:  LG CF360(This model has more options in the field test mode like GPS, DRM test menus, Calibration data)

Samsung Mobile:
Code: *#0011#
Model: SGH-A707, SGH-A717, SGH-A727, SGH-i617 and many other models support this code.

Apple iPhone:
Code : *3001#12345#* then press call
Various field test information could be seen under the menus.

Blackberry Mobile:
Code: Menu->Settings->Options->status
This would show some of field test information on blackberry phones.

Nokia Mobile:
Code: *3001#12345#.
Code changes on some of the Model. Some time field test displays as Net monitor in Nokia mobiles.  Most of the models like Nokia 12xx, 51xx (except 5125), 61xx, 62xx, 71xx,3285, 63xx are supported with this code. To get out the engineering mode, you need to either dial 00/01 in some models, in some models in net monitor, you many dial 0000.

You contact me if you need more information or field test mode for any other phone/model, I would try to look and get the information back to you.

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