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Thursday, June 2, 2011

T3212 Periodic Location Update Timer

Periodic Location update timer controls periodicity of the location update procedure triggered by Mobile(UE). The value T3212 shall be set to 0 if Peridic location updating procedure need to be disabled. The value can be set in multiples of 6 (6 mins) and default value is 60. When it is set to 60mins, T3212 is set to 10 because T3212 value is in dechours. 1 Decihour = 6mins


  1. So if this timer is not set (e.g. is not broadcast in CS CN domain specific information in SIB1) does the UE assume that the Cell doesn't support Circuit Switched?

    1. To answer your question to best of my knowledge, UE should not assume that circuit switching not supported in this case. Based on the spec 25331 and 24008, at least two instances of CN information element is having the Mandatory presence (one is GSM-MAP). That means I don't see a possibility of SIB1 not having CN domain system information. My understanding is that one for the CS and one for PS must be present if not common in the SIB 1. Even if there is such an implementation where SIB1 does not contain CN information at all then RRC will notify the upper layer about absence of CN information. Upper layer either disable the periodic location update or set a default value based on the implementation approach.

      Spec is little bit confusing since it provides a condition "if CN Domain System Information not present" even though IE is MP