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Thursday, October 27, 2011

T3312 Periodic Routing Area Update Timer

Periodic RA update timer or  Periodic Routing Area Update Timer is T3312. T3312 is used to send RAU message periodically. Value of this timer is set based on the value received in the ATTACH ACCEPT and/or ROUTING AREA UPDATE ACCEPT message.

Normally, values are sent in the  Decihours. 1 Decihours =  6 mins.


  1. Hello there,

    If you have used BG96 module or same, read my case and help me if you have some information.

    I want my BG96 module to go in and out the PSM, on specific events.
    But I can't understand the AT+CPSMS command perfectly.
    Can we simply activate and go into PSM by executing above mentioned AT command OR we need to do some other setup ?

    Please guide me if you know it.

    Thank You,
    Maunik Patel

  2. Is there any default value of T3312 or it is based on Network providing this value?